Schadenfreude: Kamala Harris craters in the polls

Did Tulsi Gabbard really end up throwing the bucket of water that melted Kamala Harris?

The fakest and most ambitious of the Democratic presidential candidates is positively cratering in the polls. According to the New York Post:

Joe Biden’s lead rose among Democratic presidential contenders while Kamala Harris sank like a stone in a new poll released Tuesday, which also showed the other top four candidates essentially treading water.

The former veep — despite a series of characteristic gaffes in recent weeks — was the choice of 29 percent of those surveyed by CNN between Thursday and Sunday, up from 22 percent in a June survey by the cable network.

Harris who was at 17% in the polls in the wake of the first Democratic presidential debate, is now at 5% in the aftermath of the second, losing more than half her voting base, as well as her status as a top-tier candidate.

Which is ironic, given that she dismissed Gabbard, who criticized her record as a crooked prosecutor, as not important enough pollwise to pay attention to. I'm 'top-tier' she's at 'zero, 1%, whatever,' Harris said after Gabbard shellacked her.


As I wrote on August 1 on the morning after the Tulsi water bucket incident:

Look at the body language.  Harris is looking down, narrowing her eyes, trying to scowl, trying to glare, but mostly looking defensive.  She was clearly on her back foot and unable to answer Gabbard's charges, not expecting them to come from a fellow Democrat.

Gabbard, by contrast, was confident, mellifluous, well practiced, and not speaking too fast.  Plus, she looked like a million bucks, while Harris looked kind of decrepit.

...and now for the crow:

Count on some falling poll numbers to pay Harris a visit after this one.

Which happened.

Why did she go down so fast? Why did she fall like a bad souffle? Probably because her support was so gossamer-fluffy, so sleazy-thin, to start with.

Her pre-presidential buildup was premised on fake Twitter followers, for one. Remember this - the great Twitter fake-follower cull? Harris had more fake followers than pretty much anyone -- 55% the first time I checked, and 40% when word got out about the purge.

She was using those numbers to beef up her fundraising base and presence in the Democratic Party.

Oh and it probably helped that she had Silicon Valley's barons in her pocket. Look at her billionaire-count in her fundraising, full of Silicon Valley's finest. Laurene Powell Jobs? Check. Tom Steyer? Check. The elites adore her.

And she adores those elites back. She's just getting over a flap of her own making around those very billionaires.

A couple of days ago, she turned down a Democratic town hall meeting on global warming, a big topic for Democrats, due to a "scheduling conflict." Then it came out that that 'conflict,' was a fundraiser with those very billionaires. That put her on the hot seat as the candidate who chooses billionaire cash over making any case to the voters, so she made a U-turn. Now she says she's going to the town hall. I guess the billionaires .... gave her permission.

Someone'll bring that up, no need to worry about that.

Which brings up the next problem with her: She's a colossal suckup to billionaires in general, it's how she scaled her career ladder from the start. Politico's Michael Kruse did a stunning expose of Harris's early political beginnings - which amounted to a life of going to one billionaire party after another in San Francisco's elite Pacific Heights enclave. She became the pawn and plaything of the leftist superrich.

Oh, and speaking of playthings. Harris's name is back again. She got her leg up into politics, so to speak ... on her back, serving as California political kingpin Willie Brown's girlfriend, a man 30 years her senior and married, to boot. As they say in the industry: Slept her way to the top. Such a wonderful role model for all the little girls out there. 

And it wasn't just business elites she was in bed with - she also was in deep with the corrupt but also very moneyed Hillary Clinton political machine. Remember when she went to the Hamptons in 2017 to meet Hillary's donors? Or her suspicious giggling and introduced laws during the Jussie Smollett case? She seems to have some deep ties in that political direction. And those people are now being discredited.

All this, and two more bad factors dogging her -- her impossibly far-left political stances brought on by the political fashion (taking away people's health care, global warming blather, gun grabs, reparations, plus her claim that President Trump's tax cut was a 'scam' and she'll get rid of it).

Her record as a prosecutor was particularly abhorrent to the left and libertarians, beginning with selling herself as "smart on crime," when in reality, as Gabbard demonstrated, she was just corrupt on crime. She refused to throw out invented testimony from prosecutors which would have freed an innocent man. She threw thousands of low-level marijuana offenders in jail, while joking about smoking the weed herself. "I''m Jamaican," she joked, something that made her Jamaican immigrant father speak out. She kept prisoners in jail beyond their terms to avail themselves of their labor. She pretended she knew nothing about the big sex-harassment cases in her midst.


- and her absolutely idiotic flip flops to clean up after the fallout, which are going on now. Here's her latest effort to clean up after herself.



Which pretty well demonstrates what a flimsy candidate she is. Each and every one of these acts, taken by itself, might be politically forgiveable. But in Harris's case, there's a long chain of acts that show a pattern and the effect is cumulative. Now she can't even persuade leftists. Joe Biden's gaffes, by contrast, look a lot less objectionable compared to Harris's of phoniness, patronage, elitism and ambition.

It's disgusting to anyone. No wonder she's going down.



Image credit: Mark Warner, via Wikimedia // CC BY-SA 2.0

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