Photo ID in Illinois

The one-party, Democrat-run State of Illinois is now going to require a photo ID to go on a tour of the Governor's Mansion.

New security measures are being put in place for public tours of the Illinois Governor's Mansion in Springfield.

Starting Sept. 3, individuals will have to sign up in advance for tours, provide a photo ID for proof of identity when they arrive, and be screened by metal detectors.

"The Illinois State Police is committed to ensuring that all guests to the mansion have a safe and welcoming experience, and after reviewing other states' mansion tour policies, we moved to adopt common sense and widely used guidelines for safety," Brendan Kelly, acting director of the State Police, said in a news release.

Illinois Governor's Mansion (photo credit: Enjoy Ilinois).

For years, those of us in Illinois and many other states have been told that requiring photo ID to vote is oppressive and racist.  So why is this racist exclusion of people who are "unable" to get photo ID (whoever they might be — the ones who will be denied the vote if photo ID is required) allowed in such a progressive state?  Are the Democrats who run this state racists?  Will illegal aliens be allowed to tour without a valid photo ID, since we are a sanctuary state?

Politicians throughout the country, from both parties, have always required photo ID for many things needed in everyday life so it has always been a lie to call a photo ID requirement to vote racist and oppressive.  The Democrats always play the race card.

There is only one reason why Democrats fight so hard against requiring a photo ID to vote.  They don't want election integrity.

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