From Russia to racism?

The Mueller report seems like ages ago.  Does anyone remember that we spent two years, and millions of dollars, looking for collusion and found none?

Well, the Left has now found its new "Mueller": calling President Trump a racist, as we see in this article by John Kass:

Race. Race. Race. Race. Race.

With Americans working and with money in their pockets again, with the 2020 election approaching, Democrats are reaching for the race card the way a sick man reaches for the waters of Lourdes. Desperately. Their allies in media followed suit, with Trump called everything from a white supremacist, to a Nazi, and on and on.

Yes, it's always the race card when they can't argue any longer.

The shift to the race card is also an admission that they have nothing to say to the American people, from jobs to health care.

For example, do Democrats have a solution to the Obamacare premiums?  I was talking to a young self-employed father of three the other day.  He shared with me the Texas premium (and deductibles) and said, "I can't afford this and would rather self-insure or pay my bills out of my own pockets."

Again, race is all the Democrats have, so expect a lot of it until election 2020.

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