Liar, liar, Africa is on fire

While France's President Emmanuel Macron tweeted fake pictures of Amazon fires — "the lungs of the world," he calls the region — he was curiously silent about a similar potential problem closer to least for a while.

NASA maps show that there are more fires in this African region than in the Amazon.

Over a period of two days last week, Angola had approximately three times more fires than Brazil , according to data that Bloomberg news agency obtained from Weather Source. On Sunday, 6,902 fires were recorded in Angola and 3,395 in the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo , compared to 2,127 fires in Brazil. In the last 48 hours, Zambia ranked fourth in the list of countries with the most fires and Bolivia, a neighbor of Brazil, ranked sixth.

It remains to be determined whether these are grassland or forest fires, the magnitude of these and whether they have been caused . Experts say that the fires in the rainforest of Central Africa are often seasonal and are linked to traditional farming methods . African farmers set fire to forests in the dry season to "clean" the land in order to plant crops. Deforestation, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity are some of the consequences of using this agricultural technique known as " logging and burning " and is usually carried out by these dates, one month before the start of the season of rains

According to NASA, in June last year more than 67,000 fires were registered in a period of one week.

Macron, busily interfering in the conservative government of Brazil, threatening to withhold grant money to fight the fire unless Brazil does what it is told, initially remained silent about the troubles in Africa.  But later:

... [he] announced on Twitter that they were considering "the possibility of launching a similar initiative" in sub-Saharan Africa. His reaction came when several users of the social network reproached him for ignoring the flames in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Fires happen.  So does weather.  And climate.  

As stated in the article, some fires are deliberately set to clear land for crops because people have to eat...the planet and its environment be damned.

Hat tip: Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit.