Emmanuel Macron's fake news tweet at G7

While France and other countries are playing nice on the surface during their G7 meetings with President Donald J. Trump (R), behind the scenes they are attempting to sabotage U.S. trade sanctions on Iran.  Ignoring the poisonous atmosphere in Iran, French president Emmanuel Macron tweeted a picture of the burning Amazon, thousands of miles and an ocean and continent away from Paris, to distract from his mercenary doings.



Oooooh, all that smoke is definitely not healthy!  But the picture that accompanies his tweet is a stock photo taken years ago!  Oooh, là là, as they might say en français.  The tweet commenters quickly corrected Macron as to the photo's origin, helpfully supplied valid links  to sources indicating the fires in the Amazon were about average, and anyway, why isn't Macron doing something about fire-ravaged Notre Dame and the crime in Paris and the rest of France because of all those ungrateful, non-French-speaking migrants, while Brazilians ordered him to take care of his country, we'll take care of ours. 

And more.  Read the comments here; they're definitely informative.  Perhaps Macron can learn from them — maybe even hire a few of the informed people who supplied these facts. 

While he is there, maybe President Trump can give Macron some helpful hints on the difference between fake tweet news and real tweet news.   

So yes, do act for the Amazon!  And for the world.  Vive les États-Unis!