Greenland: Something to think about

Denmark's having trouble with its annual half-a-billion-dollar support for the 58K people living in Greenland, so DJT moots the idea of us buying the world's largest island. The geostrategic implications are huge (mainly to keep the Chinese and Russians out), but so would be the likelihood of mineral discoveries and geothermal heat.  We'd be permanently in a strategic location to service the trans-Atlantic Cable and keep an eye on the Russians and Chinese in the Arctic and the Russians in the Baltic.  And with Greenland aboard, we would be well positioned if Iceland goes on the block. Beyond all that, imagine the fun of such an investment.  Major League Baseball and soccer teams.  The Ice Bowl.  The Arctic Burger.  The Iditarod Cup.  Ice fishing.  Glacier ice cubes like what John Wayne used, denser than ordinary ice so that a cube lasts all evening in a mixed drink.  The...(Read Full Post)
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