Women's soccer and third-grade girls

I taught public school music for thirty years starting in 1977, so I watched as many young teachers gave up on educating within their content area and turned instead to inculcating partisan whims and political fancies.  It was the path of least resistance chosen by the least of us. The effects were not at first sensed, but suddenly, in the mid-nineties, classroom response evidenced that women were someday going to be big trouble on the playground of life.  A refusal to accept and account for reality began to set like concrete in the minds of some little girls. In second-semester third-grade classes I would expand on previous explanations of the Grand Staff and point out that it is a graph of the human voice: men below middle C, and women and children on the treble clef, with the notes closely surrounding C4 a shared area.  For the first seventeen years, I could point out that the male voice would slowly but surely migrate to the lower range at...(Read Full Post)
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