Hillary's ex-comms director: 'I'd ankle dive' to stop her running again for president

Why on Earth would Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary Clinton's communications director in her presidential campaign, say anything like this unless she's worried that Hillary plans another run, perhaps if the Democratic National Convention deadlocks?

And why would she mention "ankle" when one of Hillary's derogatory nickname is "cankles"?  It's almost as if there is a gigantic implosion of the Democratic Party underway.

Mediaite reports:

"If Hillary Clinton ran for office again, I would do an ankle dive at the door and not allow her to do it because I love her too much," said Palmieri at The Wrap's Power Women breakfast in Washington Thursday morning.

Palmieri said she wanted to see Clinton as the first woman president, but instead, "She's going to be the woman who shows us that it's all broken."

Here is (poor-quality) video via Grabien:

I have always thought Hillary's political ambition is pathological, going back to the days Bill was Arkansas A.G. and she was the family breadwinner, pulling in big bucks from her politically connected law practices while he earned a very low state salary (just over $30K, if I recall correctly).  During the first presidential campaign, the slogan "buy one, get one free" and references by Hillary to a "co-presidency" were other tells.  The woman lusts after power in a very unhealthy manner.

So I can believe that Hillary is dropping more than hints that she has little regard for the Democrats' large field and that she would be the natural candidate to turn to in the event that none of them gets a majority on the first vote, which then triggers the use of "superdelegates" — party pros and officeholders as convention voters.  That's where Hillary's support base would come from.

Hillary being the last candidate standing after a bloody convention fight seems like a pipe dream to me — too good to be true.  I have until now believed that tired, old, chardonnay-loving, having-trouble-remaining-upright Hillary was done with running for office.  If nothing else, I thank Jen Palmieri for keeping the dream alive.

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