Schadenfreude: Elizabeth Warren's campaign staff votes to unionize

At last, the exploitation of the proletariat will come to an end at the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign. CNBC reports: A majority of Sen. Elizabeth Warren's 2020 campaign staff has said it wants union representation. Nonmanagement campaign employees authorized the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320 to represent them in negotiations with campaign leadership, according to Steven Soule, the local's business manager. "We look to move to the table to come to a bargaining agreement that provides pay and benefits and working conditions that are the best in the nation," Soule said. "Best in the nation" translates into "most expensive in the nation."  It must also mean time-and-a-half pay kicking in after working 40 hours in a week and maybe even the right to decline overtime.  Just what a presidential campaign needs.  Especially when the candidate is not a stellar...(Read Full Post)
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