Will the convention force Abrams on Biden?

We mentioned that Joe Biden did not go to the California Democratic convention a few days ago.  However, the leftists on that convention floor will come to him by putting Stacey Abrams on the 2020 ticket.

Let's just say Abrams knows how to touch all the modern Democrat nerves: she is black and preaches the "stolen election" sermon.  Did I tell you she is a woman, too?

She obviously lost in 2018 (57,000-plus votes), but it does not matter to an angry base consumed with Trump and identity politics.  She won in their minds, and logic doesn't work with these mobs.

It may be enough to get her on the ticket as the perfect addition to the bland Joe Biden.

As you know, nobody plays the victim role better than Abrams.  In fact, she can't stop talking about that stolen election in Georgia.  She's even got some fellow Democrats now singing that song, too.

How about this scenario?

A "bored to tears" convention nominates Biden on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, Biden gets the message that it's Abrams or we ain't playing ball.  He selects her and the delegates go crazy putting her on the ticket.

On Thursday night, Abrams addresses the convention and outlines every grievance known to man.  She touches all of the nerves.  She will be a hit in the convention.  How she plays outside or to a national TV audience is another issue!

Later, Biden accepts the nomination, and the new ticket salutes the delegates.

Crazy scenario?  Maybe yes, maybe no.

It's becoming more and more obvious that Biden will get the nomination, especially now that his team has decided to keep him locked up for much of this year.

It's also clear to me that what we saw in California will repeat itself in Milwaukee.

So Joe Biden may have chosen to stay away, but those delegates are going nowhere, except to force him to go "bold" and "be on the right side of history" by nominating Abrams.

A V.P. debate between Pence and Abrams?  Crazier things have happened!

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