Is Joe Biden losing it?

He's tanned.  He's rested.  He's ready.  But cripes, is he all there? Joe Biden is making big end-of-the-campaign-style stumbles and gaffes as if the whole thing has already gotten him exhausted. "Know what I was most proud of?  For eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal or a lie," he told a campaign rally, prompting catcalls on Twitter about how his memory is failing him. Sound like a dotard telling himself how good the times past were? That's not the half of it.  Here's Biden the muddlehead at another campaign speech: Biden says he doesn't like labels, which is clearly him trying to stay away from the socialist label. But then he admits that he, Bernie, and his counterparts are all on the "same page." Meaning, as he puts it, they all support universal health care, etc. Socialism without the label, is that...(Read Full Post)
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