Tulsi Gabbard defies the Deep State. Republicans, take note.

Tulsi Gabbard is getting destroyed by the Democratic establishment and the media industrial complex. 

The ever reliable Tucker Carlson notes how "there's something so stealthy and feline and dishonest about the way they're attacking her."  Glenn Greenwald is not a Gabbard-supporter, but he notices how "she's been questioning a lot of Washington orthodoxy" and "deviates from a lot of the Washington consensus."

It's clear that she seems to be making the political establishment more than a little nervous. Relatively speaking, she is easily the sole voice of sanity among the ever expanding group of clown car Democrats.  Not only is she composed, sincere, and polite, which are all rare qualities in a Democratic candidate, but she proudly displays her independent streak, breaking with the party line in more than a few critical areas.  Even Ron Paul has gone on record calling Gabbard "by far the very, very best" the Left has to offer," and yet the establishment heads seem to want nothing to do with her.

Gabbard is currently serving as a member of Congress for Hawaii's 2nd District and a major in the Hawaii Army National Guard.  She is explicitly anti-war, anti–regime change, anti-nation-building, anti–surveillance state, and anti–Deep State.  A former advocate of conversion therapy, Gabbard is a proponent of free speech, civil discourse, and government transparency, unlike the rest of her party.  Watch her effortlessly dismantle corporate tool Stephen Colbert's CIA talking points. 

Gabbard's political priorities appear to truly target the best interests of the populace.  The GOP might want to take note. 

We should continue to support the candidates who best represent our overall values, but if the voting laws allow enough flexibility to give a lesser evil opposition candidate a leg up for the nomination, we could surely help nudge the process in that direction, too.  

When it comes time for the presidential election, we will obviously vote the most conservative option, which is Trump.  But it doesn't mean we should give in to the soft bigotry of low expectations and not hold his feet to the fire when he strays from his constitutional authority.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party has set the bar very low, and after years of inaction bordering on surrender, so has the Republican establishment.  On paper, the Republican platform remains fairly sound, but reality has a way of telling a different kind of truth.

The biggest area of conflict and concern is the Deep State and the many candidates to whom they are beholden.  Their true vision for America is population control and global integration via abortion, redefining marriage, and war.  We shouldn't disregard the real possibility that in the not so distant future, we will be dragged into conflict against nations with nuclear capability.  Such a doomsday scenario would go far in bringing humanity to a post-apocalyptic quota "under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature" to be maintained via wise and well guided "reproduction."  Only then may their elite society come to fruition

When we consider the eugenics inherent in the abortion rights movement, the decline of the marriage institution, and the underground authority of the ever thriving military-industrial complex, the ultimate intent of the stated goals and overall message of the Georgia Guidestones feels extra insidious.

A Trump re-election could ultimately be another step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the swamp creatures that surround him tell a different story.

Image: Lorie Shaull via Flickr.