Is Joe Biden losing it?

He's tanned.  He's rested.  He's ready.  But cripes, is he all there?

Joe Biden is making big end-of-the-campaign-style stumbles and gaffes as if the whole thing has already gotten him exhausted.

"Know what I was most proud of?  For eight years, there wasn't one single hint of a scandal or a lie," he told a campaign rally, prompting catcalls on Twitter about how his memory is failing him.

Sound like a dotard telling himself how good the times past were?

That's not the half of it.  Here's Biden the muddlehead at another campaign speech:

Biden says he doesn't like labels, which is clearly him trying to stay away from the socialist label.

But then he admits that he, Bernie, and his counterparts are all on the "same page." Meaning, as he puts it, they all support universal health care, etc.

Socialism without the label, is that it?  Apparently, he knows enough to know there is no human face that can be put on it, but not enough to know it's bad for a reason.  Having his cake...

Meanwhile, here's another kind of muddleheadedness, signaling outright ignorance, born of someone who doesn't know his topic very well:

Former Vice President Joe Biden warned Tuesday the United States was in danger of losing to China in the race to fully embrace 5G wireless technology.

But Biden mistakenly called the technology "G5" instead of "5G."

"When the president is tweeting, they're not sitting still, they're going out and getting G5 and going to dominate," Biden said.  "What are we doing?  What are we doing?"

Any more than the ease with which he taught inner-city single moms in Detroit to code.

Or that he'll get cancer cured, you can bet on that.

How impressive he wanted to sound, knowing all about 5G or G5 or whatevs.

There were also his flip-flops on his support for the Hyde Amendment before he was against it, and his China stance.  What does he stand for?  Depends on the day you ask.

Politico says that even Democrats are starting to murmur about it:

In overt and indirect ways, questions about the former vice president's age and vigor are increasingly surfacing within his own party, fueled by the former vice president's relatively light campaign schedule and attempts to limit his public exposure. If elected, Biden would be 78 upon entering the White House — making him the oldest president ever to take the office.

"It's the 78-year-old elephant in the room," said Miami-based consultant and pollster Fernand Amandi, who consulted for the Obama-Biden campaigns in 2008 and 2012 and is unaffiliated with any 2020 campaign. 
"There is no question that what has propelled Vice President Biden to clear front-runner status is his unparalleled experience in contrast to his primary counterparts, but am I hearing gargantuan concerns among Democratic insiders about Biden's advanced age, which is the very byproduct of that experience derived from a lifetime of public service? Absolutely, yes."

Even the Democrats' grand old political lizard, David Axelrod, is concerned:

Former Obama strategist David Alexrod wonders in a CNN op-ed published Tuesday whether former Vice President Joe Biden's recent gaffes and flip-flops — a "shambling week" — represent a "bad omen" for the 2020 frontrunner's campaign.

The article comes after Axelrod warned Biden changing his position on the Hyde Amendment "raises questions about his own performance and his own steadiness and his campaign's performance."

"I think that this was a parable about Biden that goes to question marks about his candidacy," he advised last week on CNN's New Day. "His rollout was flawless in my view and he's had a very solid spring, but this underscores questions that people have had about whether he can go the distance."

Any wonder that President Trump is having a field day with Biden?

He's been quoted in the Associated Press making statements such as this:

"People don't respect him," Trump said after touring a renewable energy facility in Council Bluffs. "Even the people that he's running against, they're saying: 'Where is he? What happened?'"

Here are two recent headlines from RealClearPolitics:

Trump: "Sleepy Joe" Biden Is "Not Going To Be Able To Do The Job"

Trump: I'd Rather Run Against Biden, He's The "Weakest Mentally"

It sounds like Trump is going to bat Biden around like a chew toy on the Democratic campaign trail.  And this doesn't even get into the live matter of Biden's handsiness on the little girls at assorted campaign rallies in the past, something Joe says he's a reformed man on.

Yet amazingly, Biden is the best the Democrats have to offer, the frontrunner, the guy who seems pegged for the number-one spot.  Roger Simon thinks it's so bad that maybe Elizabeth Warren will eventually be the nominee, given this kind of performance.  A fake Indian who gamed her way into Ivy League teaching positions and now wants you to drink a beer with her.

Bottom line: It's starting to get noticed all over that Joe Biden is an old, old racehorse whose better days are behind him.  Maybe it's time for him to go.

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