Here comes another global disaster!

Scientists thought it was bad, but it's even worse than they imagined.  Now it's a potential catastrophe that will affect all our lives — unless we take action now.  Otherwise, life on Earth will be irreparably harmed. I'm not talking about global warming.  I'm talking about global warming part II: microplastics! Today, Fox News reported the release of a "groundbreaking study" of Monterey Bay by the Scripps Oceanographic Institute.  A Scripps scientist summarized the findings: "Everywhere we looked and in every animal we looked, we found microplastics!" The accompanying film was oddly irrelevant.  It showed ocean waters filled with trash — pieces of metal, wood, glass, and plastic.  Ugly, to be sure, but nothing that threatened the ocean's inhabitants.  And nothing, obviously, that was microscopic. Jonathan Hunt of Fox News elaborated: "Scientists...(Read Full Post)
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