Trump is the Democrats' white whale, and Pelosi is Ahab

For over two years, perhaps closer to three, the American left has sought to destroy, unseat, impeach, and now imprison Donald Trump, even though he has committed no crime and obstructed no course of justice.  He has in fact been the most transparent president in modern history.  To satisfy the schemers who invented the Russia collusion hoax, he turned over millions of documents, gave access to hundreds of witnesses, and cooperated fully with what was well and truly a witch hunt from the outset.

From the moment Trump won the 2016 election, they vowed to see him impeached!  The Democrats, all of them in Congress, seem to have forgotten everything they ever knew, if they ever bothered to know, about the Constitution, due process, innocent until proven guilty, and all that.  They don't know, don't care.  And they are always confident in the ignorance of such things among those who call themselves Democrats.  They are comfortable in their knowledge that their disciples will swallow whole whatever nonsense they spew.  Wednesday, it was Nancy Pelosi claiming she "does not want to impeach President Trump, she wants to see him in jail."  There are no words that adequately describe the malevolence of this horrid woman.  To call her Machiavellian is too kind.

That American leftists behave like spoiled toddlers is an understatement.  They did not get what they wanted and expected on election day 2016, so they have been acting out every day since like incorrigible brats.  They have used and abused every conceivable trick in the book of crooks and liars: frame the man as a traitor to his nation, accuse him of all manner of criminal activity, the whole nine yards.  Doesn't matter if the accusations are all lies.  One of them is sure to stick.  Take out his family; accuse and set up his friends.  They've left no stone unturned.  And still he stands, tall and proud and remarkably successful.

Trump is like Melville's white whale.  The congressional Democrats are a collective Ahab, pathetic and self-destructive.  Determined to destroy what hounds them by its very existence and survival, they never learned the rule of holes: to stop digging.  For Pelosi, who has clearly lost control of her drove of sheep in the House, this once powerful woman has succumbed to her basest instincts: destroy the opposition at all costs.  This time, the cost may be, as it was for Ahab, her ultimate humiliation and that of her party. 

As the truth seeps out, at first in drips that are becoming a stream, it becomes clearer that the Mueller Report is a fraud perpetrated on an already suspicious public. Little about it rang true, given the omission of all things Hillary Clinton and the dossier she commissioned with the help of her team of clever culprits.  Their calculated "investigation" developed into a massive, fabricated witch hunt.  Mueller recruited a team of rivals like no other.  They were each willing to sell their souls to take down this president simply because they considered him unworthy of the office.  They were willing to abrogate the law to take down Trump by any means necessary.  That he has been so enormously successful has only exacerbated their vitriol.

Robert Mueller, never a man who loved the law over personal power, has thoroughly destroyed any legacy to which he thought he would be entitled.  He will go down in history as the villain he is, along with James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, and most likely a host of others.  If Horowitz's I.G. report and A.G. Barr's investigations bear fruit, they will all be held responsible for what is the most egregious political scandal in American history.

It all began within the Obama administration, most likely with his instigation.  So enamored of himself, Obama was determined to protect his legacy, no matter how unworthy of acclaim, at all costs.  He had made it clear years earlier that he bore a certain contempt for the Constitution as a document of "negative rights."  Obama, like all communists at heart, reveres only documents that dictate what the government must do, not what they cannot.

The hideousness of what Pelosi and her acolytes have allowed to take place over the last three years is unspeakable.  She and her co-conspirators will live in infamy once all the truth has been revealed to the public.  Rather than do the right thing when the collusion hoax was inflicted upon the American people, she willingly joined the clique of Deep State collaborators who had already set out to somehow terminate a presidency they refused to accept.  They nearly turned the U.S. into a third-world oligarchy.  But they have been caught, exposed. 

Does Pelosi feel any pangs of regret for her part in all this?  Not likely.  She is a power broker, first and foremost.  She has become fabulously wealthy as a member of the House, like Feinstein and the rest of the Left.  Her own city is a disaster of monumental proportions.  She could not care less; she does absolutely nothing to fix the situation.  She makes it catastrophically worse by encouraging unrestricted illegal immigration.  She and her crowd hate Trump so much that they are willing to undo America as founded.

Trump is their white whale, and the whale won.  Pelosi with her irresponsible rhetoric about wanting to see Trump in jail is exactly the insane and obsessive Ahab.  She will go down in infamy with her crew.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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