Trump is the Democrats' white whale, and Pelosi is Ahab

For over two years, perhaps closer to three, the American left has sought to destroy, unseat, impeach, and now imprison Donald Trump, even though he has committed no crime and obstructed no course of justice.  He has in fact been the most transparent president in modern history.  To satisfy the schemers who invented the Russia collusion hoax, he turned over millions of documents, gave access to hundreds of witnesses, and cooperated fully with what was well and truly a witch hunt from the outset. From the moment Trump won the 2016 election, they vowed to see him impeached!  The Democrats, all of them in Congress, seem to have forgotten everything they ever knew, if they ever bothered to know, about the Constitution, due process, innocent until proven guilty, and all that.  They don't know, don't care.  And they are always confident in the ignorance of such things among those who call themselves Democrats.  They are...(Read Full Post)
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