Peggy Noonan and snob rule

I always peruse Peggy Noonan's "Declarations" column in the weekend Wall Street Journal.  I read it not to be informed of the political issues facing our country or for sage political advice.  Nor do I find much intelligent policy analysis in her essays.  What I do find, which rarely disappoints, is a perfect reading of the wafting winds of America's elite.  For Noonan is a combination barometer and well oiled weathervane of the establishment.

Peggy Noonan's claim to fame is that she served as a speechwriter for President Reagan.  She has been reminding everyone since and is playing out that presidential association longer than anyone since Pierre Salinger.

Noonan, the alleged Reagan revolutionary, supported Obama for president in 2008 and discharges most of her vitriol at Republicans.  Thus, Sarah Palin is a "nincompoop" and a represents a "new vulgarization" of politics.  Proper Peggy attacked Mitt Romney as "an incompetent," and she really loses it in her begrudgery of President Trump.  Didn't Ronald Reagan preach never to speak ill of another Republican?

When Noonan appears on television, she's all teeth and chatter, coming out with choice inanities that today pass for substantial journalism.  On Meet the Press last December, Noonan declared, "Trump's world is filled with bugs and spiders and worms."

In last week's column, Noonan urged that Trump be censured rather than impeached.  Why should Trump be censured?  He has committed no crime.  And he's not been charged with one.  Well, it's because Peggy and her elite friends don't like him!  Peggy looks down her aquiline nose, pronouncing snidely, "He's lowered things."

Noonan's Declarations are not intelligent.  Her columns are sensation masquerading as intellect.  Peggy doesn't think; she emotes.  She lowers intellectual debate and promotes division in our country.

Noonan lives in an exclusive upper east Manhattan neighborhood.  With her finishing school accent, she aspires to elitism.  Her columns display a strong desire for personal aggrandizement.  If you don't agree with her, you're rude, grubby, unsophisticated, and unintelligent.

This is how the elite rule: by demeaning people in an effort to control them and make them conform to the consensus.  The consensus today is set predominantly by the low mental and moral standards of Hollywood, which the media enforce through ridicule of those who don't follow them.

In short, Peggy is a snob.  The word "snob" is derived from an abbreviation in old English social directories and means "not of the nobility."  It later came to describe people who are pretentious social climbers.

President Trump doesn't care what you call him.  He does not follow the dictates of social snobs.  He's busy with the business of the American people.  He doesn't care about any alleged legacy.  He drives the elite into fits of rage.

While Peggy Noonan and her elite consensus pals are insiders, Donald J. Trump is an outsider.  It generally happens that the most original and creative people are in the nature of things outside.

The president has warned the American people of Democrats who instigate mobs and never create jobs.  Truly, mob rule is despicable.  But not enough is said of "snob rule," exhibited by the elite consensus and by Peggy Noonan in her columns.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.