How to get Mexico to pay attention to our border incursions...

Like most "free traders," I don't like tariffs but understand that a message has to be sent to Mexico.  It appears that many Americans feel the same way, according to this analysis by Scott Rasmussen:

Just 25% believe they will be good for our country, but 50% support that tariff.

Very interesting, to say the least.

The public understands that tariffs are bad but believes they may be the right step to get Mexico's attention.  It appears that many Americans are willing to pay a bit more for their Mexican avocados in exchange for less chaos on the border.  

The tariff threat appears to be getting some results, as we see in news reports.  

At the same time, do not underestimate Mexican public opinion.  In other words, most Mexicans do not like the caravans walking through their country either.

As I've said before, President Trump's unconventional approach is often a step ahead of his critics.  On this issue, he is again.

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