Adam Schiff's latest scheme will blow up in Democrats' faces

Much has been written about the perpetual imbecility of Adam Schiff, gadfly of the Left, one of many, sad to say.  Jerrold Nadler is equally thick.  But Schiff may be the most annoying, the least self-aware.

Despite the conclusion of the Mueller Report, "no collusion," Schiff is a rabid dog with a bone.  He is convinced that his long campaign to prove that Trump won because he was in cahoots with Russia is still viable, despite the fact that not one of the numerous investigations has proven this to be so.  Schiff, as we all surely know by now, is the man who actually was enthusiastically willing to collude with Russia when he was pranked by a couple of comedians who pretended to offer compromising information on candidate Trump.  He made a complete and utter fool of himself, so excited was he to get his hands on that material.  Still, he cannot let go of his dogged determination to disprove what has already been proven: there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and any Russians.  Do the Russians interfere with elections all over the world?  Yes, have been for decades.  Everyone knows this, except Schiff, apparently.

Schiff is puffing up his feathers now because Mueller has agreed to honor his "friendly subpoena" to testify before two committees, Judiciary and Intelligence — misnamed panels, to be sure.  Better they should be called what they are: injudicious and unintelligent, except for the few stalwart Republicans who will be present who are actually smart; Jordan, Ratcliffe, and Gaetz specifically.  Those Republicans will make Mueller's visit most uncomfortable; they've long known what he was up to and why.  Schiff thinks he has won something, that his questions will finally bring Trump to ground, that Mueller is going to spill some beans unrevealed in his ridiculous report, which was a 400-plus-page op-ed, not a legitimate legal document.  Schiff's dream is not likely to come true. 

Mueller in that last brief press conference seemed as nervous as a guilty man on trial for lying.  He has done a lot of lying in his long career; he likes to win at any cost.  He destroys people for sport.  Is he going to be more confident in front of those two committees?  Probably not.  He most likely turned the entire "investigation," the corrosive attempt to frame Trump, over to the criminally corrupt Andrew Weissmann.  That is who should be called before Congress.  Weissmann is a blight on our judicial system but has never been disbarred or charged with the numerous crimes he has committed.  He is often referred to as Mueller's "pit bull" and is a rabid dog if there ever was one.  See License to Lie by Sydney Powell. 

"Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools.  They don't have the brains enough to be honest" (Benjamin Franklin).  That Adam Schiff, the well known unethical leaker of the House, has any credibility is the problem with Congress.  His colleagues surely know he is a scoundrel, intellectually challenged, but they bow to the custom of seniority.  This is like promoting CNN's Don Lemon or Brian Stelter to be head of the Atomic Energy Commission.  But then it is a sad truism that the least capable often rise to the top.  How else did John Brennan become head of the CIA?  As much as they meant to sabotage him before he was elected, the fact that he won has sent the Left into paroxysms of fury.  That Trump has turned out to be a phenomenally successful president is an enormous thorn in the Left's side.  They absolutely mean business about taking him down and out.

But Schiff and Nadler are halfwits; dragging Mueller before them is a glorious mistake that will only further prove Trump's innocence and expose the criminality of those who set the entire "Russia collusion" hoax in motion.

Mueller's testimony is bound to be delicious, but not for the Left.  Will it burst the bubble of their own making?  Not likely.  Schiff and his fellow conspiracists are like the people who still believe that Judge Kavanaugh molested the decidedly uncredible Christine Blasey Ford.  They believe only what they want to be true to the bitter end, no matter how credibly disproven.  "There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true" (Kierkegaard).

Representative Schiff is an insufferable embarrassment to the House and to his constituents, but he may well be re-elected.  Who in California has the chutzpah to run against a long-term Democrat, no matter how inept that Democrat may be?  (Brad Sherman, Zoe Lofgren, Eric Swalwell, Ted Lieu to name a few of the worst.)

We are in a state of sorry affairs.  We have a governor who advises illegals how to avoid ICE.  Candidate Kamala Harris was a terrible A.G., now senator, with a terrible personal reputation, so of course she is a Democrat candidate for president!  Thanks to decades of misrule by democrats, California is fast becoming the equivalent of a third-world nation, complete with medieval diseases.  Blundering officials like Schiff are responsible.  Like the rest of the Left, they care not a bit about the actual citizens of California; they care only about keeping their jobs, thus their scheme to import millions of illegals on whom they can count on voting Democrat for millennia to come.  In short, they mean to speed up the end of America as founded.  They do not bother to consider the long-term meaning of this for their own children and grandchildren.  They are far too single-minded for such foresight.  The Adam Schiffs of the world are a scourge of democracy, of freedom.  His ilk will be our downfall unless recognized for who they are and ousted once and for all.

Schiff's and Nadler's plan to bring Mueller before their committee is likely to be an embarrassment for the Democrats and a gift to the Republicans.  When this is over, Schiff's Democrat colleagues are not likely to have even a smidgen of respect for him.

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