California's Gov. Gavin Newsom puts out a video for illegals on how to obstruct ICE

I thought it was satire, something cooked up by his political enemies.

You couldn't put out a less attractive video than the one Gavin Newsom did for illegal aliens on Twitter, advising them himself on how to obstruct ICE from any deportation maneuvers.  And sure enough, he wasn't hacked — it really was blue-checked he.

Leave aside the fact that he's the governor of a U.S. state, supposedly there to represent the interests of that state's citizens rather than those of the foreigners who come here without papers, quite illegally, and run up the tab using his state's services.  They're his constituents, too, now, in fact, the ones whose interests he chooses to represent over those of the voters (oh, wait...).  He's acting as Their Lawyer now, advising them how to thwart ICE like some National Lawyers Guild activist in how to obstruct the feds legally.

It's also insulting to voters.  Newsom cited Proposition 187 in the 1990s as something "we've been through before," as if to say voters never approved this measure to keep illegals from using "free" U.S. services until it was overturned by the courts.  And more creepy still, he cites the "three strikes" law, as if to acknowledge that illegals commit quite a few crimes while they are here sopping up the services.  It's also well out of the realm of reality, given that voters polled say they aren't happy with his handing out of free health care to the foreign population here illegally in a bid to incentivize more to come.

But what a strange presentation it was.  Play it with the sound down and look at how he tosses and tilts his head back and forth, kind of manically, his chemically whitened teeth flashing forced and fake smiles, and his eyes widening and eyebrows rising, up and down, up and down...  It's kind of like Peter Strzok's forced performance in the spygate hearings over in Congress.  He looks creepy. 

If you were an illegal on the lam from the feds and expecting a knock at the door, would you really believe a guy like this?  Paternally protective, he is not.

That says something about this whole weird gambit: that it's not about protecting illegals, not in the slightest, any more than it's about protecting the interests of taxpaying Californians.  It's not even in Spanish, which even a non-Spanish-speaker can manage with the words written down on a teleprompter.  Nope, it's in English, and most illegals won't understand it.

It's about countering and thwarting President Trump.  That's Newsom's agenda.  He's out telling illegals how to obstruct ICE agents who are trying to enforce the law of the land in the interest of making himself the state's only law.  It's disgusting.  And he doesn't look good doing it.  I suspect that this will turn up in some opposition research campaign ad from a competitor.  It's that bad.

Image credit: Twitter screenshot.

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