The Democrats and the Squanderer

Ever since the new Congress was sworn in on 3 January 2019, nearly five months ago, there have been nonstop clown shows led by Democrat leaders of House committees.  House rules that were drawn by Speaker Pelosi in late 2018 were specific to target President Trump, leading to impeachment.  The plan was sidetracked with the Weissmann-Mueller report findings.  It does not matter that there is a crisis at the border.  They took the Alfred E. Neuman slogan to heart: "What, me worry?"  Democrats continue to forge ahead with their race to irrelevance in 2020.  They project "cover up" while looking in the mirror like the wicked witch in response to the President's orders to declassify the genesis documents of the Russia Hoax.  Such bastions of faux patriotism like Little Adam Schiff pronounce the death of the republic if they cannot nail their foe.  As these jokes of alleged leaders scheme...(Read Full Post)
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