Sunday Schadenfreude: Listen as prominent prog author realizes the book that she is promoting on live radio broadcast is wrong

Let’s call this one “compound schadenfreude” as the busted progressive finds herself in a hole and keeps digging by claiming a larger truth, the old Dan Rather “fake but accurate” gambit.

Feminist author Naomi Wolf, who burst into national prominence with her bestselling 1990 book The Beauty Myth, making unlikely claims of female victimhood, such as that 150,000 women a year dies of anorexia (busted by Christina Hoff Summers), has been busted again, making a false claim of victimhood (this time for homosexuals) that could have been detected by less than a minute in Google.

This is a delicious (or horrifying, depending on your perspective) moment on a live BBC radio broadcast.



But because progressives never can be wrong (in their own minds), after admitting a teeny mistake, she is back on the larger truth ranch.

Naomi Wolf has said she “stands by” her latest book and denied that the presence of errors had undermined her wider argument, after historians called into question her claim that dozens of Victorian men were executed for sodomy. (snip)

Wolf told an audience at the Hay festival on Saturday afternoon: “Some of you may have seen that there has been a healthy debate about two errors I did make in this book, and they’re on page 71 and 72. Hang on to your copies because it will be a collectors’ item because it will not [be] in the next printing.”

She said the mistake had been corrected after the interview with Sweet: “I thanked him and immediately corrected the future editions. But here’s what happened. ‘Death recorded’ in those two cases, the Old Bailey record which would have been reported in major newspapers that Symonds was reading … ‘death recorded’ was the most severe penalty, but Dr Sweet pointed out that ‘death recorded’ didn’t necessarily mean that an execution had taken place and I had misinterpreted the phrase.”

However, Wolf stressed that she did “stand by my report of these accounts” and that she believed they affected Symonds.

Keep tap dancing, Naomi. It’s good exercise.

Photo credit; Twitter