Peggy Noonan still doesn't get it

In "Republicans in a Nation" (Washington Post, May 4–5, 2019) "conservative" columnist Peggy Noonan outdid herself in an entertaining display of intellectual gymnastics to defend the following premise: [O]ld conservatism was deeply pertinent to its era and philosophy right, but it is not fully in line with the crisis of our time or its reigning facts. Conservatism centers on the belief that some ideas are timeless.  The notion that even one of these ideas was merely "pertinent to its era" is the opposite of conservatism.  In the next paragraph, we learn exactly what she deems "not fully in line with the crisis of our time": The federal government will not become smaller or less expensive in our lifetimes. There is no political will for it among elected officials in Washington, many of whom privately admit this. ... Even if there were such a will, both parties in Washington have trouble working...(Read Full Post)
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