Blame Israel First: Rashida Tlaib blames Israel for getting attacked by Hamas rockets

After Israel was assaulted with a barrage of Hamas rockets fired from Gaza, Rep. Rashida Tlaib came out like Johnny on the spot on Twitter, mechanically blaming Israel for taking the incoming Palestinian fire and responding.

Um, they fired rockets.  Somehow, most people think terrorists who fire rockets at others are somewhere on the spectrum of dehumanized.  And as for wanting to be free, how exactly is freedom accomplished by firing rockets at Israeli citizens in their homes?  Would Tlaib respond with the same sort of approval if Venezuelans fired rockets at their ruling thugs?  The Israelis of course never 'dehumanized' anyone as they attempted to defend themselves, and knowing how they operate, it's likely they went to great ends to minimize civilian casualties.  (A pregnant woman and her baby who were killed were, according to the Israelis, victims of a misfired rocket coming from Gaza.)  The rest of us can see the whole thing plain as day.  Normal people don't fire rockets on their neighbors, so let's draw our own conclusions about what's going on from that nasty picture: someone wants war and thinks he can benefit from it.

Given that the U.S. is sending an aircraft carrier to hand Tehran a message, it's likely intelligence is there that Iran may have been behind this, pulling some inhuman game and using Gaza people as pawns, willing or otherwise.  Some kind of geopolitical game is in the making over this peace-shattering attack against civilians.

But as far as Tlaib is concerned, it's all about dehumanizing Palestinians and blaming Israel.  Is she trying to tell us it's a human right for Palestinians to fire rockets at their neighbors?  One wonders.  What's really obvious is that she can't shake herself from the disgusting leftist anti-Semitic mindset to blame Israel first. 

Image credit: VOA via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.