Rep. Ilhan Omar's anti-Americanism exposed

In case anyone had any doubts about the precise nature of the ideology espoused by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), this week's unearthing of a tweet posted by the freshman congresswoman erased any such doubts: Given the unprecedented number of fanatical sentiments shared by Omar during her brief political career, it's perhaps easy to overlook the uniquely insidious point she is making here. You see, this tweet is the definitive proof that Rep. Omar is an anti-American fanatic. Whereas her prior controversies exposed her anti-Semitism, political radicalism, and any other number of undesirable views, we now have unequivocal proof that a U.S. congresswoman actually despises the nation she represents. True, there have been prior instances of congressmen and senators acting in ways that called into question their patriotism or endorsement of Western values.  But in virtually all such cases, these dissidents have been artful enough to allow for at least a...(Read Full Post)
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