God Through Binoculars: A brief review

God bless Danusha Goska!  Or, more appropriately, God, thank you for Danusha Goska!

Anyone who knows anything about the horrors of the 20th century will know who Whittaker Chambers and Alexander Solzhenitsyn were to the literary world of their times.  Now add Danusha Goska to the literary world of our time.  If there is a more insightful and brutally honest journalist of this era, I can't think of who that may be.

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In God Through Binoculars, Ms. Goska takes us through her journey from her poor upbringing in New Jersey, having been raised by first generation Polish and Slovakian parents through her academic challenges and ultimately successful achievement, culminating in a PhD and a modest teaching position at William Patterson College in New Jersey.  Another example of how the truly best and brightest don't always receive their just deserts.  Danusha Goska is among the finest minds we have and is objectively speaking one of the finest prose stylists we have.

In this "can't put down" read you will be amazed at the breadth and depth of Goska's knowledge and experience of both the natural and spiritual world.  She argues lovingly but convincingly with the "science" community over issues of creation, Darwinism, aesthetics, truth, beauty, purpose, God, and the meaning of life.  If you're going to take Goska on, you had better do your homework.  Because I assure you, Danusha has done hers.

If you are ready for a work free of the canting nonsense, political correctness, simple mindedness, crass, politically charged messaging of our media world, then this is the book for you.  I urge you, for your own peace of mind, to slip away to your own sabbatical and enjoy the thrilling and spiritual journey Danashu Goska will guide you through in this lovely, timeless work.

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