When comedy gets too political

If you remember Chevy Chase doing President Ford or Dan Aykroyd doing President Jimmy Carter, then you remember the days of good political humor at Saturday Night Live. Or remember David Frye doing President Richard M. Nixon on one of those 1970s L.P.s? Political humor is a wonderful thing.  In fact, there is a story that a Mexican president had an aide going around the country picking up jokes about him.  Why?  He wanted to know what people were really thinking, and humor was an important barometer. So humor is great.  It's good for both sides to laugh about current events.  Politics is not supposed to be "life and death" 24/7. Enter Saturday Night Live and the late-night shows.  This poll comes as no surprise: As the weekly target of Saturday Night Live's "humor," President Trump's disgruntlement with the show is...(Read Full Post)
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