President Trump tweets support for defamed Covington kids

President Trump recognized the opportunity to demonstrate the utter bias and corruption of his media foes inherent in the digital lynch mob that attacked a group of children who were falsely portrayed as racists attacking a Native American "elder" and Marine veteran.  Can a White House invitation, complete with fast food, be far behind?

Last night, President Trump weighed in on the widespread defamation of a group of youngsters from Covington Catholic High School by many figures in the journalistic, entertainment, and political worlds. In his tweet, he referenced Tucker Carlson's report on Fox News, in which names were named and shameful behavior was shamed.

For those who did not see the broadcast that apparently prompted the POTUS's tweet, Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire tweeted out videos of two segments:

Importantly, Carlson called out by name prominent journalists who disgraced themselves in the rush to demonstrate their own moral superiority.

No doubt, the media will attempt to consign their disgrace to the same memory hole where they are burying the BuzzFeed fake news.

But my sense is that by attacking children who were behaving admirably – not responding to outrageous provocations from a far-left group that taunted them with racist and homophobic slurs, and then not provoking the man who approached them with a drum and hit it in their faces – the media have crossed a line that will not be forgotten.  Coming just a day after the BuzzFeed fake news exploded in  their faces, MSMers have demonstrated that they are beyond learning from their mistakes and are hopelessly biased.

Many observers have noted the rising tide of anti-Catholic bias that seems to be being prepared to attack the next nominee for the Supreme Court, widely expected to be Amy Coney Barrett.  After this media disgrace, the bigotry option for Dems on the Senate Judiciary Committee becomes riskier.