The Truth about the Lincoln Memorial Incident

The viral video of a group of MAGA-hat wearing teenagers waiting for their buses last Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial has been paraded by news outlets as a confrontation with a Native American elderly man and has swept the weekend internet like the storm that is gripping most the nation.

There was plenty for Americans to be upset by in that video, but contrary to the reporting by the Associated Press, the bad behavior did not come from the group of boys. Perfect examples of how not to behave were shown by a group of five black self-proclaimed “black Israelites”, the media that altered the narrative with a spin that is Orwellian, and the Native American man himself for unabashedly lying to the cameraperson directly after the incident about chants of “Build the Wall” that hours of video prove never occurred.

The ugliness started when a set of five self-proclaimed black Israelites began preaching anti-white messages for at least an hour before the Catholic school boys walked into the area.  Thanks to their own livestream of the event, the boys were not searching for a problem as had been suggested, but instead makes clear of a regrouping effort at their designated meeting spot after their participation in the March of Life.

The black “activists”, emotionally emboldened by witnessing children in red MAGA hats, directed their verbal abuse on the assembling group of kids.  Some of their sentiments included:

  • Calling the group of Catholic school boys “faggots” and “sodomites”
  • Somehow defending Bill Cosby
  • Threatening injury to a man on a hoverboard 
  • Calling a group of white children “future school shooters”
  • “There will be no peace until blood is shed”
  • “The nation of Nubia will destroy America”
  • Calling black friends of the MAGA hat wearers the n-word

Despite the hateful rhetoric directed at them, the boys are now being held to higher standards than the adults that are indisputably provoking them, and they behaved admirably.  While they misread the atmosphere when the Native American group approach them as being friendly and continued to dance and call out their High School’s prideful chants, they quickly realized the awkwardness of the situation when the Native American elder singled out one of the MAGA-hat wearing teens and put himself inches from the young man’s face beating a drum.

The crime the mainstream media is claiming occurred? The teen assaulted the man with his smile.

Hours of footage, from the livestream of one of the black Israelites and cell phone footage from bystanders show that the boys came, assembled as instructed to await their buses, and left without any of the cruel mocking they have been accused of (unless you consider popular Fortnite dances cruel mockery).  Their entire presence is recorded nonstop and never is “Build the Wall” heard despite the media quoting it as if true.

Philips, the Native American, lied intentionally to slander these young boys and to seem himself the victim when it was he that approached and entered the personal space of the child until the teen left.  He used the momentum of attention to preach a political stance saying that indigenous people existed for “millennia” on this land with no walls.  Representative Adam Schiff took to Twitter to spread this “wisdom”, but in respect to accurate history, a simple google search can find photos of hundreds of ancient ruins of border walls built by Native Americans that are still standing.

The media should be ashamed of how they quickly picked up and ran with edited footage of the “altercation” to pose the boy, who said not a word nor flinched a muscle and offered only an innocent smile that was most likely a nervous reaction to the oddity of performance before him, as a racist bigot.  A lot of viewers ran with the narrative the media presented and calls to dox the teen were rampant on Twitter, as were calls of violence against him and his family on Reddit and YouTube.  

Now that child is facing expulsion for acting with more maturity that the grown men that swarmed him.  Statements from his friends who were present with him during the event have written statements that have not yet been disclosed by news outlets.

I have seen plenty of liberals’ children participating in a wide assortment of political protests and behaviors at those protests that are inarguably brutal.  But when a group of students attend a demonstration that was not coordinated by efforts of the left, they are vilified for doing absolutely nothing.  A young boy’s character is being ripped to shreds in the court of public opinion, at the encouragement of our press, for standing silently and smiling.

The most egregious behavior was that of the black Israelites who used homophobic slurs and shouted ridiculous remarks such as, because the children were white, they were lice-infected dogs and dozens of other distasteful and hateful sentiments. Although these “Israelites” are perfect examples of hate, harassment, and disrespect, this story has become about a group of kids in queue, smiling, and dancing.  It really is disturbing but not for the reason headlines would wish you to believe.

The liberal media has been under pressure this week after a Buzzfeed News article implicating President Trump in crimes was promptly discredited by Mueller’s office.  However, they clearly have not learned any lesson from their failure to act with integrity by pushing a narrative that is framed and false, and they will eventually have to reap what they have sown from their intentional seeds of defamatory divides.