Jussie Smollett: True hate crime or another hoax?

As more information about the alleged hate-crime investigation began circulating on Wednesday evening, it showed that once again journalists, politicians and celebrities might have run too hard and too soon with another unfounded allegation.  Much like in "The Truth About The Lincoln Memorial Incident," accurate reporting can come only with time, but that didn't stop media figureheads from lambasting all Trump-supporters, again. Smollett, an actor on a television show, Empire, claimed he was attacked during the early hours on Monday by two people he could not give descriptions of, not even as to their sex.  He claimed they hurled racial and homophobic insults as they assaulted him and then proceeded to pour an "unknown liquid" on him before wrapping a thin rope around his neck. Smollett then told police he went to his friend's apartment with the rope still around his neck and continued to wear it until police were dispatched 45...(Read Full Post)
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