Naked partisan: James Comey's mask comes off

With the Mueller team failing to indict President Trump for collusion with the Russians, Mueller's ally, former FBI director James Comey has gone to Plan B: exhorting Democrats to beat Trump at ballot box.

According to CNN:

Former FBI Director James Comey asked American voters Sunday night to end Donald Trump's presidency with a "landslide" victory for his opponent in 2020.

"All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021," Comey told an audience at the 92nd Street Y on New York City's Upper East Side.  He all but begged Democrats to set aside their ideological differences and nominate the person best suited to defeating Trump in an election.

What we are seeing here is the partisan agenda of Comey exposed as those desperate cries to Democrats go out.

Comey was never about rule of law in this long-ranging, and unprecedented for an ex FBI director, campaign against President Trump.  He was just about getting rid of the guy he isn't happy he saw get elected.  Since when have we ever heard from an ex-FBI director "calling on Americans" for anything?  With the Mueller investigation failing to find anything of substance on Trump, at least over Russia, the gears have shifted.  Now the agenda is to just elect Democrats, any Democrats – anything that can be done to get rid of Trump.

That's about par for what most Trumpsters thought his game always was, but now this coming out act about voting Trump from office exposes Comey's non-partisan Mr. Probity earlier act as a fraud.

Comey made his bones talking about what a non-partisan guy he was, how as a lawman, he was a just-the-facts kind of guy, "sensible, balanced, and ethical," and how he was above politics.  His book, after all, was called A Higher Loyalty.  Maybe his book tour told him that blather wasn't selling.

Now that "narrative" is done.  He's out of the closet as a naked partisan.  The mask is off.  He hated Trump for partisan reasons, and he's off to the races.