Speaking of 'mob boss,' Mr. Comey...

Not the least bit worried about presumable retaliation, fired former FBI director James Comey is blithely blabbing away about President Trump being "like a mob boss" in a bid to sell books.  Here is the ABC News bumper, which is being heavily advertised and will run on Sunday night.  Comey's book, which he got a reported multi-million-dollar advance on, is pompously titled 'A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership,' and will be released on April 17.

What a jackass.  How naïve does Comey think we are?  Memo to Jim: If Trump really were like the mob boss you say he is, you wouldn't be going on national television to tell everyone all about it.  You'd be keeping omertà or, at a minimum, your trap shut.

It goes to show how unlike a mob boss Trump is.

In reality, it's Comey who's acting like a mob boss, or maybe a two-bit mobster snitch.  According to Byron York, Comey was careful not to cooperate regarding the circumstances of his firing as Congress sought his testimony about the subject, giving Congress an amazing flip-off last year with this note:

On June 1, Comey sent a brief response. "I have received the letter," he wrote the committee.  "As a private citizen now, I respectfully decline to answer the questions.  Wishing you the best, Jim Comey."

So obviously, he was saving his licks for the book, something he was getting paid by his publishers for.  In other words, he refused to talk with Congress (the one body with a capacity to check his nemesis, President Trump) because he wanted to get paid.  Kind of negates the pompous title of the book with all its high purpose, does it not?

So what we are about to see here with Comey's upcoming attention-getting, supposedly no-holds-barred interview with ABC News's George Stephanopoulos is a guy singing for his supper.  He had his chance to create whatever conditions he wanted for change with Congress, and he chose instead to feather his nest by selling books as his priority.  Somehow, one finds his claims of "a higher loyalty" little more than loyalty to his bank book.  Kind of like a two-bit mobster, eh, Comey?


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