The hidden classism of modern feminism

On Halloween, an acquaintance of mine was celebrating the fact that she had convinced her three young daughters to dress up not as princesses, but rather as male superheroes.  I said that next year, she should really go for the jugular: her girls should dress up as plumbers and truck-drivers.  She laughed and agreed, although I don't think she understood what I was getting at. This friend is a classic feminist, believing that empowerment comes only in the form of traditionally masculine traits, such as physical strength and professional ambition.  To her, a male superhero represents all that a girl should be told she is: strong, brave, powerful, one of a kind.  This mentality certainly follows from the current feminist narrative that women are excluded from male-dominated professions due to a culture that does not convince girls thoroughly enough that they are the same as, or even better than, boys.  Yet what I've noticed...(Read Full Post)
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