Left's canard about Trump politicizing the caravan rings hollow

With the Honduran migrant caravan breaking up fast before it even reaches the U.S. border, we are now seeing a shift of "narrative" from the media minions of the left and Democratic Party politicians.  Here's what's being tacked onto quite a few news pieces, such as this one from the Associated Press:

Similar caravans have occurred regularly over the years and passed largely unnoticed, but Trump has focused on the latest marchers seeking to make border security a hot-button issue in next week's midterm elections.

So caravans come, and caravans go, and only President Trump was making something political of it?  And that something political was all about winning the midterms?

Here's a passage that just made sure it slipped that little detail in:

President Donald Trump has ordered U.S. troops to the Mexican border in response to the caravans.  More than 7,000 active duty troops have been told to deploy to Texas, Arizona and California ahead of the midterm elections.

What planet do these people live on?

The real background here is that up until recently, migrants at the border have made tremendous hay for Democrats with sob stories of women and children being separated at the border.

President Trump attempted to disincentivize illegal border crossings by forcing illegal aliens to await their trial dates in detention without their children and that triggered the famous fake-news phony Time magazine cover of the crying child (who hadn't been separated from her mother) juxtaposed against a picture of a stern-looking Trump staring down.  The propaganda value to Democrats of such pictures was gold, and Trump was forced to backtrack.

What's more, the only previously reported caravan, back in April, resulted in many illegals, waving the Honduras flag and the middle finger, being allowed into jump the fence into the U.S. without papers and claim asylum as Trump was powerless legally to stop them.  That sent back word to Honduras would-be migrants that entry to the U.S. is free and created a ready pool of new participants. 

The score?  Democrats, 2, Trump 0.

So with that set-up in mind, the left organized a new caravan, just ahead of midterms, with the express purpose of challenging Trump by showing that he was powerless to enforce U.S. border laws.  They sent out press releases.  They got the sob stories ready for the media narratives.  They were careful to place women with expensive strollers out front for the cameras, even though women and children numbered only about 20% of the thousands-strong caravan, and military-aged unemployed young men filled out the balance.  They got local NGOs to ladle soup.  They got embed reporters, following them along and reporting their every move, all because it looked like a pretty sure means of Getting Trump.

And they are saying Trump politicized this?

Particularly failed former president Obama, who dismissed Trump's moves to protect the country's borders and rule of law as a "political stunt."  It's such an insulting lie, particularly to our troops, who, as defense secretary Gen. Mattis said, "don't do political stunts."

And despite warnings from the former Honduras consul general and the President of Honduras himself that they are being used, all right, by the Honduran left?

Trump didn't do this.  Trump had this thrown at him.

He showed some serious presidential resolve by recognizing that a test case was being set up and by moving to reinforce the borders so that the invading army, waving its Honduran banner, would not pass.  He could send a message that the rule of law must prevail here in the States.  He wasn't even nasty to them: he told them to go back.  He told them to apply legally.  He even said he'd "love to have them" if they came legally.

This is not the doing of someone who wants to engage in a "political stunt."  This is someone who's being the president.

With the caravan breaking up as a result of this resolve, the jig is up.  Now the press and its acolytes are claiming that Trump started it.  What a lie.

Image credit: Fox News screen grab.