Caravan arrives, Honduran flags flying, middle fingers flashing

After a big buildup, the migrant caravan full of Central America's finest has finally arrived, and as screengrabs from local television broadcasts show, they gave America the bird.

Seriously.  Buried in a News 8 broadcast from San Diego was footage of illegal migrants and their supporters on the U.S. side breaching the U.S. fence on the border, waving a big Honduran flag, victory-style, and whipping out a big middle finger at America.

In times past, arriving immigrants used to kiss the earth.  Today, they wave the middle finger at us.  Look at these photos, both from News 8 and the CBS national report, rough and blurry, admittedly, showing just what that caravan was about in all its anti-American tenor, which frankly, should have been the lede to the story:

For a publicity stunt as staged as the migrant caravan from Central America, one that one might have expected to have been carefully choreographed to advance their narrative of needy people with sob stories needing asylum, what does it say that all we see are military-aged young men, some with tattoos, illegally entering the U.S. under the Honduran banner and angrily flashing the middle finger in what might be their first moments in America?

Here are more photos showing that this crowd (and its cheering section on the other side) is anything but the women and children in peril being promoted by the group's organizers.  Actually, it's almost all single military-aged young men in small groups, who seem to be angry at our country and us for not letting them in on demand.

The beach from the San Diego side, where one Honduran flag is featured.

This appears to be the scene from the Tijuana side, using the ocean as a reference, which also features Honduran flags in the crowd and at the top of the border fence.


More migrants.  One of these pictured may be from among the Haitians who tried to get in from Tijuana a few months ago.  A Haitian flag was featured earlier in the report.

More than one Honduran flag of conquest over the U.S. border.  Note the military-aged young men bunching in groups at the top and the yellow left-wing militant flag below.

The sign in English suggests that the above photo was taken from the San Diego side, but the climbers are likely to have come from the Tijuana side since the idea is to get in.  News reports said some did.

The fence-scalers also wore masks.

Not exactly pleading as pitiful refugees.

Sarah Hoyt has a first-rate analysis of the whole situation here.