Sherrod Brown eyes the presidency

Add Sherrod Brown’s name to the growing list of those making noises about 2020. It would be a grave mistake to discount Brown's prospects both for the nomination and the presidency. This 66-year-old just won a comfortable reelection in a key battleground state that went for Donald Trump by 8 percent in 2016 and saw the GOP capture every statewide position on the ballot this year save his. According to the Progressive Punch, Brown is the eighth leading liberal in Congress with a rating of 96.3 percent progressive voting record. For comparison, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has only a 91.5 progressive rating.  Of the top dozen liberals in Congress, all except Brown are from states listed as heavily Democratic. This indicates Brown has meaningful appeal to many average voters. One of the things that separates Brown from others in his party is that he is a harsh critic of free trade. He was against NAFTA and all the other trade agreements that have hollowed out the...(Read Full Post)
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