Governor Jerry Brown vs. UCLA scientists

California governor Jerry Brown is claiming that global warming is causing the current rash of severe wind-driven wildfires in California.  It seems he is in conflict with the research of scientists at UCLA: Another popular misconception that the winds are hot owing to their desert origin.  Actually, the Santa Anas develop when the desert is relatively cold, and are thus most common during the cool season stretching from October through March.  High pressure builds over the Great Basin (e.g., Nevada) and the cold air there begins to sink.  However, this air is forced downslope which compresses and warms it at a rate of about 10C per kilometer (29F per mile) of descent.  As its temperature rises, the relative humidity drops; the air starts out dry and winds up at sea level much drier still.  The air picks up speed as it is channeled through passes and canyons. Did you get that, Jerry?  Cold...(Read Full Post)
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