Bolsonaro is right about the Cuban doctors

For years, Cuba has sent doctors to Brazil.  It started in 2013 under an agreement between the Castro regime and Brazil's leftist government.  The doctors were sent to poor areas.  In reality, it was just another source of hard currency for the Cuban government. 

Brazil's President-Elect Bolsonaro wants to change the arrangement, and Cuba does not like it.

This is his tweet.



This is the news report from The Guardian:

Mr Bolsonaro said Brazil would offer asylum to Cuban doctors who wished to stay in Brazil.

"This is slave labour," he said.  "I couldn't be an accomplice of that."

It makes a lot of sense and is long overdue.  It's nice to hear an international leader call out this sham. 

It was never a program to provide medical services to poor people.  It was another way of bringing hard currency to the Cuban government. 

Cuba is balking because the salaries will be paid to the doctors, not the government. 

Also, the doctors will be allowed to bring their families.  Naturally, Cuba fears that whole families will run to an embassy and ask for asylum.

A big victory for the Cuban doctors and a huge defeat for the Castro regime.

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