What's with the fainting couches?

I was groped in college once.  The season finale of This Is Us traumatized me more than that.  I cried like a baby. The Red Wedding scene in Game of Thrones traumatized me far more than a drunk college boy grabbing my breasts. Let's not talk about the cancellation of Timeless.  I can barely speak of it.  That boy in college who grabbed me at a party and put his hand down my dress and squeezed my breasts before I smacked him away?  Eh, whatever.  I don't care. Being groped in college isn't even a blip on my life's radar.  It's meaningless to me.  Why should that particular event make a single iota of difference in my life?  It didn't. But now we have the #MeToo movement and the grotesque circus around the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanagh, and the Democrats in this country have revealed their real opinion of women. Democrats believe that we women are...(Read Full Post)
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