Meanwhile, Trump's economy births huge manufacturing contract

Like the Energizer Bunny, the Trump economy just keeps marching ahead and pounding that drum.  Last week, Boeing announced that it has been awarded a $9.2-billion contract from the DoD to produce the new T-X jet trainer and training program the USAF will use to train pilots for the foreseeable future.  I confess that when I first heard during the Obama administration that Saab was involved with the Boeing proposal, my immediate suspicion was that the jobs and income from this lucrative contract might be going offshore, as both Italy and South Korea were also in the running.  It was all too easy to imagine a new economically incompetent or, worse, corrupt Clinton administration handing this fat domestic plum to a foreign aircraft-fabricator to piously and foolishly signal their utopian assurances to the larger community of the world.

But that was before Trump's election and his promised Make America Great Again economic renaissance made my concerns as obsolete as the fifty-year-old training aircraft in current use.  Yes, Saab is partnered with Boeing and will share in the federal largesse, but this beautiful new aircraft will be 90% American-built, creating 17,000 lucrative aviation industry jobs in 34 states.

Show me any governor, even Democrat, who wouldn't be salivating at the prospect of landing a few thousand, even a few hundred, of these high-paying jobs for his constituents.  No doubt, deep-blue Democrats like Moonbeam and cuckoo Comrade Cuomo, whose coastal enclaves are now hemorrhaging high-paying jobs and had-enough citizens, will sniff sanctimoniously at being required to launder morally defiled defense dollars – all while furiously formulating new tactics for taxing the max away from these new golden geese.  One certainty is that between now and the midterms, every Republican politician in every state should be touting this Trump retention of key manufacturing jobs, such skilled occupations as Obama had kissed off as long gone to the Third World, never to return to his America.  They probably wouldn't have come back to his, a Democrat-controlled, America – which is a good reason why sensible, hardworking citizens should never again give power to the max-taxing, jobs-destroying Democrats.