Jawing with the NYPD as CNN HQ was evacuated

A day after the rasher of dysfunctional failed pipe bombs decorating the mail receptacles of major Democrat personages mantled with various sobriquets by supporters of the current administration, the august Time Warner Center in New York City was the site of a homely, unpublicized bomb scare 2.0. The T-W center, situated at a venerable locus on 59th Street and Columbus Circle, is the domicile of the city's CNN, as every local knows. Accordingly, when two unidentified "packages" were left, and found, on the third floor of the eight-year-old commercial edifice, police were called, and, more relevant to the business end of the Upper West Side, the entire building was evacuated.  CNN didn't deign to cover the event. I interviewed a clutch of NYPD men standing guard outside the impressive structure and inside the atrium lobby graced with two ten-foot-tall male and female nude bronze sculptures by Colombian artist Botero. The escalators...(Read Full Post)
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