Jawing with the NYPD as CNN HQ was evacuated

A day after the rasher of dysfunctional failed pipe bombs decorating the mail receptacles of major Democrat personages mantled with various sobriquets by supporters of the current administration, the august Time Warner Center in New York City was the site of a homely, unpublicized bomb scare 2.0.

The T-W center, situated at a venerable locus on 59th Street and Columbus Circle, is the domicile of the city's CNN, as every local knows.

Accordingly, when two unidentified "packages" were left, and found, on the third floor of the eight-year-old commercial edifice, police were called, and, more relevant to the business end of the Upper West Side, the entire building was evacuated.  CNN didn't deign to cover the event.

I interviewed a clutch of NYPD men standing guard outside the impressive structure and inside the atrium lobby graced with two ten-foot-tall male and female nude bronze sculptures by Colombian artist Botero.

The escalators leading to Whole Foods stutters up and down from this lovely atrium, at year-end dazzled with gigantic 18-pointed Swarovski crystal stars that mesmerize with a shifting kaleidoscope of computerized colors for a month, seen at night in glorious changing colors far down the Central Park South boulevard leading to the Apple store at one end, on Fifth avenue, and the T-W building, on its westernmost end.

Anyway.  The police listened as I asked them if they too did not wonder at all the fuss made over these multiply delivered "bombs" that, mysteriously, not only did not detonate, but from all analyses, could not explode, so amateur and bizarrely constructed are they.

The men in blue agreed with my take, even smiling and telling me they were surprised to hear anyone actually stating these views on the notoriously leftist, anti-[whisper] Trump West Side.

They all, to a man, said they side with me, and with Trump, as against the city administrator, unpopular Mayor de Blasio, or the leftist Democrat obstructionists making such hay over the shocking, shocking delivery of pipe bombs to the president's "enemies."

Forgotten by CNN, even though their building was targeted, the NYPD did their job, carefully clearing out the building of all its inhabitants.  Several intrepid officers approached the bulky, roughly wrapped packages on the floor.

The five policemen I was speaking with let me hold my breath for what they found.

They smiled.  "Know what we found?"  Of course not.

"Kiddie toys.  Cars," one offered.

The officer closest to me asked if I was familiar with Dinesh D'Souza.  Of course.  There was a chorus of Did you see his latest movie?  They commiserated on the fact that the documentary was not circulating in many theaters.  Identifying who likes D'Souza gives away what party affiliation one is likely fond of.

Another officer, inside the lobby, congratulated me on carrying books.  "We like to see people reading actual books, instead of all that finger-pressing.  All those cell phones."  We agreed.  Fewer people, especially under the age of voting, read real books anymore, even for pleasure.

As we spoke, several commented that they were surprised to hear my evidently pro-Trump views.  "Especially," one added, "in this part of town."  The ever-resistant blue sludge of the Upper West Side.

Because they now thought better of me as a denizen of this resistant arena of the city, they shared.  I heard some chewy gossip from the "inside" NYPD guarding the lobby.

"You know that restaurant, Per Se, upstairs?" one asked.

Yes, I had tried to make reservations for my birthday, but they laughed at the presumption.  "But you need to reserve at least a year in advance," the maître d' sniffed.  Per Se is the priciest eatery in NYC.  So some of the diners there on Thursday, when the place was being evacuated, were left high and dry by the staff, who promptly fled the scene as soon as the order to evac came down from the police.

The maître d' apologized to a few couples, explaining to the officers that "people paying $1,000 for supper shouldn't be hustled out."

But, another chimed in, if a Big Apple police officer can be said to "chime" in this tough burg, "But some of those diners hustled out – without being expected to pay."  Well, they were expected to pay, but, they let me know, some diners left without putting their premium credit cards on the salver.

Another diner saw a full bottle of Cointreau standing unattended on a counter, and...just...topped off a few tables with some unexpensed refills.

My efforts to go down to the vast Whole Foods were unavailing, as a female police officer clearly told me, "We are closed.  The store is closed."  They usually close at 11 P.M.  This was not even 7 P.M.

So what the neighborhood genially refers to as "Whole Salary" for the astronomical prices of many of the comestibles was now just Hole Foods.  No foods.

CNN wasn't reporting that President (they don't use the term, of course) Trump was responsible for the closure of Williams Sonoma, Michael Kors, the spectacular Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Spectrum Cable, shoe emporia, Sony electronics, various and sundry men's stores, confectionary kiosks, jewelry boutiques, and high-end restaurants and selective bakeries.

How many millions were lost because of this massive building closing down half a day in prime shopping and dining hours?

That's all they need.  In addition to being infamous purveyors of the president's famed "fake news," they did not yearn to become known, now, as the nefarious disseminators of "bake news."

Photo credit: David via Flickr.