Is Kyrsten Sinema the Christine O'Donnell of the Democratic Party?

Kyrsten Sinema is shaping up to be quite a "winner" for Arizona's Democrats these days. Fresh after repackaging herself as a Democratic moderate to go head to head with the Republican Party's impressive fighter-pilot candidate, Martha McSally, Sinema is finding herself steeped in a flood of idiotic statements from her past coming back to haunt her. Just one would have been enough to sink her, but she's got a half a dozen, and don't think more won't keep rolling out.  Back in the Tea Party days, the hapless Christine O'Donnell saw her GOP Senate candidacy fall apart with just a single reference to witchcraft.  But this from Sinema is something else: she covers the waterfront of everything voters hate about the left.  Here is an impressive roundup from Instapundit's Ed Driscoll (click this link to get to the links): It's questionable that Sinema would be able to win an election...(Read Full Post)
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