WWII vet remembers Bob Hope

Waiting in the car for what felt like forever, Mary texted me that she was in the Walmart checkout line, but it would be a while before she checked out with our groceries.  I decided to go back into the store. In the restaurant area, I spotted an elderly white gentleman wearing a World War II veteran cap.  I approached and thanked him for his service to our country.  He said thank you very much.  I shared that my dad who recently passed away at age 90 was one of the first blacks to serve in the Merchant Marines. I did not say it out loud, but my mind raced back to when Dad's ship landed in St. Petersburg, Florida.  After looking forward to a much needed shore leave, Dad and the other black sailor were told they could not leave the ship because St. Petersburg had a curfew for blacks.  Dad said he cried, and the other black sailor would not stop cussing.  When Dad was finally allowed off the ship, a mob...(Read Full Post)
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