The left goes all in for body-shaming Trump

So body-shaming is all right now?  You'd think so, based on the cheering from the left, on Twitter and television, to porn "star" Stormy Daniels's new book, Full Disclosure, whose main merit is its graphic, can't-unread-that descriptions of President Trump's private parts.

According to the New York Post:

Stormy Daniels pours cold water on Donald Trump's bedroom prowess in her new tell-all – and compares his privates to a popular Nintendo video game character.

The porn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, goes well below the belt in "Full Disclosure," a pre-sale copy of which was obtained by The Guardian.

Writing about her alleged tryst with the future president, Daniels says it "may have been the least impressive sex" she'd ever had.

As if we are supposed to be surprised she's writing this?  Or more to the point, as if we are supposed to think she's telling the truth?  Something tells me this claptrap serves a need for the left, and like any hooker or phone-sex breather, Daniels is glad to oblige for a price.

In fact, it's not exactly uncommon for porno people, in an industry that views bodies as consumer durables, to body-shame.  In Los Angeles, a former Playboy model was sentenced to jail or community service for body-shaming an unwitting woman's naked body on Twitter.  Pornies are so degraded that they no longer see human beings.

Yet the left is cheering.  The much celebrated Daniels knows her market.  Rolling Stone, after a considered essay exploring every minute angle from the point of view of the left, gives it the green flag:

Therefore, if we want to take the high road, we probably shouldn't laugh about the president's alleged stumpy mushroom d‑‑‑.  But also, the constant onslaught of horrific news coming out of this administration is mentally and emotionally exhausting – we're most likely about to see Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court despite accusations that he's an attempted rapist, which will leave women's reproductive rights in the balance; children are still in cages at the border; and at least one senior official in the Trump's [sic] administration believes he acts "in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic" – so if we stray from taking the high road once in a while, reaching for a rare moment of levity, maybe that's not the worst thing in the world.

It's not the first time the left has body-shamed Trump (or Sarah Palin or Sarah Sanders, for that matter).  We also have seen this sort of stuff:

The hypocrisy of the left remains an unpleasant guest in the room.  Would the left condone a similar sort of body-shaming on a female politician?  The left howls that it is justified in its obsession with Trump's body because Trump supposedly comments on women's appearances, something the New York Times made a big deal about.  But did Trump ever body-shame Hillary Clinton?  Don't think so, yet the lefty press has been printing pious pieces about the awfulness of body-shaming for years.  The #MeToo movement also purports to be a movement against Hollywood values, including body-shaming.

With this glee-fest, now the mask is off, and the left stands exposed for its hypocrisy.  All that virtue-signaling for nothing, because now we know what leftists are really about.  And we know that if they are focused on appearances, they've run out of political arguments.

Fine, have your fun, clowns.  It goes to show how strong the left's double standards in its world of political correctness are.  Body-shaming is fine if the target is a Republican.  That pretty well ends the left's right to upbraid Trump for body-shaming others.  Trump at least makes no pretenses to political correctness or virtue-signaling.  Leftists do.

Lefties, as Glenn Reynolds often notes, aren't going to like living by the rules they themselves have created.

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