Who's coordinating the sudden loony leftist lionization of Stormy Daniels?

Stormy Daniels is big and getting bigger.  The left-wing press all of a sudden just can't get enough of her.

They're slathering heroicism on the two-bit porn "star," with several major media outfits positively lionizing her in what looks like a bizarrely coordinated campaign. 

On the surface, it goes to show just how desperate they are to Get Trump.  But the timing suggests something more organized.

It started a few days ago, when the New York Times ran an op-ed calling Daniels a "new feminist hero."  According to the Times:

She is a vastly imperfect person by any standard, at times brave and at times venal, obviously admirable and obviously self-interested.  These complications, of course, exist in most human beings.  But most human beings could not survive the scrutiny she is under, nor so deftly dodge efforts at simplistic caricature.  What's incredible is to see Ms. Daniels embody so many human extremes – so much boldness, so many flaws, and so many taboos broken – and to see her story nonetheless believed and acted upon.

Daniels had already been grossly overexposed in the press in the months earlier, so the Times piece raised a red flag - this didn't look like a normal news dynamic. Stormy's 15 minues, after all, were over. But following the Times, the lionization spread to CNN, which is praising Daniels in its broadcasts with a straight face.  Look at this gush:

The pair spent over five minutes dubbing Daniels as merely a "fun," "working mom" who posed for Vogue "like you have never seen her" as she grapples with "the psychological and personal toll" of being President Trump's "perfect adversary" but a "beacon of The Resistance."

There's this crap from the dregs of Yahoo! Lifestyle in the Stormy-as-hero lineup, too:

While many are marveling over her high-fashion makeover, the 39-year-old Daniels has moved on to another new look.  On Wednesday morning she posted a selfie that shows her looking almost unrecognizable in a straw fedora and string bikini.

So far, it seems as if her fans are digging the relaxed, makeup-free appearance, calling it "beautiful" and "breathtaking."

Then we hit the bottom of the barrel, with Vogue magazine's fawning profile of Daniels, written by Amy Chozick, along with a carefully manipulated, airbrushed photo of Daniels herself in a blue Zac Posen gown.  You can't unread this:

It is just after 10:00 a.m. on a Tuesday, still early morning in the world of adult-film stars and their entourages.  Daniels is barefoot, in black skinny jeans with silver zippers at the ankles and a purple V-neck T-shirt.  With no makeup Daniels, 39, looks much younger than when she appeared on 60 Minutes last March and told 22 million viewers about her dalliance with Trump, about the hush money and the threat to her daughter and the nondisclosure agreement that she says Cohen forced her to sign weeks before the 2016 presidential election.  In person, she is nothing like that stoic, on-message woman.  She is blunt, foulmouthed, funny.  I ask her for more details on her alleged 2006 affair with Trump.  "How many details can you really give about two minutes?" she says.  Two minutes? I ask.  "Maybe.  I'm being generous."

Ready to ralph?  I thought the left didn't care about people's appearances, given that it has repeatedly criticized President Trump (but not James Comey) for so doing.

What we have here is a coordinated media effort, with impeccable timing, to suddenly lionize Stormy Daniels as the emblem of femininity, fierceness, and womanhood.  All I can see is a raddled old pornie, enjoying her prime time after realizing that the porno industry is not kind to aging porn stars.

Stormy Daniels in 2009.  Image credit: James Chang via Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.

The question here is who is coordinating this grotesque effort (which, as NewsBusters notes, rather wretchedly conflates the real heroism of John McCain with the fake heroism of the publicity-hungry Daniels).  Is it Soros?  Media Matters?  JournoList?  The Obama machine?  The Silicon Valley social media creeps?  They've all been caught one way or another coordinating media campaigns in the past. Something is driving this, some central planner from the left, the only question is who.

With only Trump-hate to offer, there is nothing admirable about a noisy porn denizen.  She needs money, apparently, which explains her low-turnout stripper shows, and she's obviously being used by someone, something she is used to from being in her career.  That the picture painted of her being a great hero, is so false it's revolting to the max.

This goes down in the annals of press misbehavior as one of the great ones.  When we find out who coordinated it, it will be more disgraceful still.

Image credit: James Chang via Flickr, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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