Stormy Daniels, New York Times new feminist hero

Is the New York Times going nuts?

One of its op-ed writers, Jill Filipovic, has cast Stormy Daniels as the new "feminist hero." She writes:

Hers is not a female archetype that has historically garnered much respect, trust or sympathy. Yet here she is, an imperfect, entirely self-possessed woman telling her story with clarity and without shame. And here we are, actually listening to her.

So here we have it: a porn "star" now recast as "feminist hero" just because the press can't stop reporting her every utterance.  An emblem of what women should now be. Wonder Woman. The role model little girls should look up to.

As writer Andrew Klavan tweets:

After all, this is a woman who spent most of her life focused on that feminist bugbear of pleasing men, something that up until now, has been anathema. And pleasing men in just a certain way: By taking her clothes off for the cameras to make money, artificially inflating her boobs to a body-distorting size 36DD, working in an industry that discards women as they age, and saying 'here we go' when she was pressed into unwanted sexual relations. Not exactly the Steinem standard.

But in the eyes of the Times, now heroic:

But Ms. Daniels also undercuts liberal impulses to turn her into an oversimplified feminist hero. She is a vastly imperfect person by any standard, at times brave and at times venal, obviously admirable and obviously self-interested. These complications, of course, exist in most human beings. But most human beings could not survive the scrutiny she is under, nor so deftly dodge efforts at simplistic caricature. What’s incredible is to see Ms. Daniels embody so many human extremes — so much boldness, so many flaws, and so many taboos broken — and to see her story nonetheless believed and acted upon.

Actually, she just happens to be a rich vein of prosecutions for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who hasn't been able to find any wrongdoing on actual Russian collusion, and that's succor to the agenda of the left.

Getting Trump is all it takes to be a hero to the left, and for that, she's useful to the left. That's the real and only reason she's now the current titleholder of new feminist hero.

It's part of a downward slide in feminism that has taken it far from the aims of real feminist heroes such as Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Back in the Bill Clinton era, feminists on the left gave ol' horndog Bill a pass on his bacchanals with Monica Lewinsky, and allowed Lewinsky in this case to be discredited and hounded. Journalist Nina Burleigh, pretty well summed up how badly the downward slide had gotten:

“I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their Presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

Now, they're actually praising porn stars.

Which goes to show you how off the deep end the Times and its house feminists has gone. I've seen insane leftwing op-ed videos from the New York Times on Twitter, and the Times has gladly promoted ridiculous columns about "white skin privilege" written by satirists, which was seen as perfectly serious thinking by the deep thinkers running the Times.

They've hired Sarah Jeong as an editorialist, justifying her rabidly racist tweets as something white people caused, and they've given a pass to sleep-with-sources-for-scoops reporter Ali Watkins.

Now they're recasting Stormy Daniels as some kind of hero.

It pretty well ends the idea of feminist hero altogether. Shameless body-sellers like Daniels have always existed, and always been a cautionary tale for a reason. But now that the left and the New York Times in particular are utterly deranged in their obsession to Get Trump, old Stormy doesn't look so bad to them on the hero front.

Stormy is a hero for no other reason than she's a nightmare for President Trump who is so very very reviled by the left. The left's agenda now completely trumps the tenets of feminism and equality. It's so bad it now it's making heroes of women who sell their bodies and souls for money in the name of pleasing men, like some deranged beauty pageant crown. Time to dump the idea of feminist heroes altogether, because the only thing that matters here is bolstering the agenda of the left.

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