Spoof comic claims authorship of NY Times op-ed: 'How Can I Cure My White Guilt?'

I don't know if the New York Times was hoaxed by a by a comedian pretending to be ridiculously P.C. about collective "white guilt," and it almost doesn't matter.  The fact that the New York Times published this op-ed is simultaneously horrifying and hilarious ("horrifarious" in the useful neologism coined by talk show host Joe Getty):

Tom Maguire of Just One Minute spotted a tweet raising doubt of about the authorship:

... is this for real, or has the NY Times flipped the keys to The Onion?

You know what?  Go with your gut and bet 'The Onion'.  As best I can tell, the Times writers and editors are serious.  Authorship of the letter however, is claimed by a spoof comic who – take a seat, please – mocks the eternally woke.

[Language alert...]

So far, no satirists have claimed credit for getting Sarah Jeong hired for the editorial board at the Times.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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