Why aren't there ever any dire predictions for Democrats ahead of elections?

We get continuous warnings that Republicans are going to get trounced in the midterms this fall, not because of Republican policies, but because people just don't like President Trump. We were told that Republicans would get trounced in 2016 because people just didn't like Trump and he would drag the party down.

On Monday, there was an article by the Associated Press that pushed that Democrat narrative.  Take a look:

In a post-Labor Day briefing at the White House, a top Republican pollster told senior staff that the determining factor in the election wouldn't be the improving economy or the steady increase in job creation.  It would be how voters feel about Trump.  And the majority of the electorate, including a sizable percentage of Republican-leaning voters, doesn't feel good about the president, according to a presentation from pollster Neil Newhouse that spanned dozens of pages.

"For Republican candidates to win in swing states, they need all of the voters who support President Trump, plus a chunk of those who do not," said Whit Ayres, a GOP pollster.  "That is threading a very narrow strategic needle."

The paradox for Republicans is that most Americans are largely satisfied with the economy, according to numerous surveys.  But the party has struggled to keep the economy centered at the center [sic] of the election debate.

What we don't see in these predictions is actual support for Democrat policies.  People are not clamoring for higher taxes, more regulations, and a more powerful government.  The people generally support enforcing immigration laws and do not support sanctuary cities and states.  I do not believe that most people actually believe that college will be free or that socialism is better than capitalism.

We were told that if Trump was elected, the economy would collapse, and yet the economy is growing much faster than anyone said was possible.  We were told manufacturing jobs were gone for good, and yet there has been substantial growth.  It is clear that the great results are because Trump lowered taxes and reduced regulations, yet we are told Republicans will be slaughtered because people don't like Trump.  That seems illogical since people routinely vote their pocketbook.

We know the following:

Trump won around 85% of counties in 2016.  Republicans held a 47-seat advantage in the House when the "unpopular" Trump was on the ballot.  Consumer and business confidence have soared.  Polls show that Trump's popularity among blacks and Hispanics has risen.  Job opportunities for all races, both sexes, and all education levels have improved substantially.  Median income and take-home pay are rising faster than at any time during Obama's eight years.

Yet we are told that things are looking grim for Republicans.

Why would people be hankering to go back to a Democratic leader like Nancy Pelosi and policies that generated low confidence and low growth?  Does anyone think that sounds logical?  Yet that is the drivel from the stenographers in the media every day as they try to elect Democrats..

Other good news that is getting little coverage is that it looks as though health care costs will be stable for 2019 even as Democrats, in collusion with the media and swamp creatures, said they would soar if Trump and Republicans got rid of the individual mandate.

On a personal note, I work for a group in Illinois that has around 250 employees, and we cover over 400 people.  We have health insurance through a large insurer, and I heard this week that our rates are actually dropping for 2019 by 6.8%, with no changes in deductibles and benefits.  Obama and Democrats knowingly lied continuously that Obamacare would reduce rates, yet out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, and premiums skyrocketed for almost everyone throughout his miserable eight years.  Two years into Trump, with him giving people freedom of choice again, we are getting a substantial decrease.

Target also said this week that it is hiring 120,000 seasonal workers this year, 20% more than last year, and also raising pay.  Isn't it amazing that the retail sector is doing so well after we heard of its demise and that it is creating jobs and raising pay and lifting benefits without the socialists telling retailers they have to?  We don't need guaranteed government jobs and income.

Capitalism is the best anti-poverty program that ever existed.  Yet we see lines like this one below, from the AP, implied to be gospel:

"For Republican candidates to win in swing states, they need all of the voters who support President Trump, plus a chunk of those who do not," said Whit Ayres, a GOP pollster. "That is threading a very narrow strategic needle."

With all this good news because of Republican policies, somehow we never get headlines that say "Grim news for Democrats" or "For Democrat candidates to win in swing states, they need all of the voters who supported loser Hillary, plus a chunk of those who did not."

Wonder why, wonder why...

Image credit: Mike Licht via Flickr (with year adapted), CC BY-SA 2.0.

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