Angela Merkel smears ordinary people as xenophobes and Nazis

What's the best way to blunt the effectiveness of the political opposition? In the case of German chancellor Angela Merkel, it's smearing ordinary people for protesting the murder of an innocent German by two Afghan refugees. It happened in the city of Chemnitz as two Afghan refugees murdered a German citizen in a knife attack two weeks ago.  The resulting demonstration against the chancellor's immigration policies brought thousands into the street – including some far-right Nazi sympathizers. Merkel saw an opportunity to smear the entire Alliance for Germany political party when she condemned the entire demonstration. Reuters: "There is no excuse or reason for hunting people down, using violence and Nazi slogans, showing hostility to people who look different, who have a Jewish restaurant, for attacks on police officers," Merkel told the Bundestag. "We will not allow whole groups in our society to be quietly...(Read Full Post)
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